Making Instagram Work for your Wellness Business – Sue B Zimmerman {243} 

 “The Riches are in the Niches” Sue B. Zimmerman

This week on the podcast we are talking – all things Instagram! The popular App has exploded in the last few years for Health & Wellness business. As we all know, IG notifications became an important part of our lives and a key strategic tool in marketing.

With us today is the Instagram Expert herself – Sue B. Zimmerman experienced business coach and educator, who helped thousands of people navigate the world of IG. Sue B. is the creator of the most comprehensive online Instagram course – Ready Set Gram. Over the past 8 years, Sue has helped entrepreneurs turn this social network into their most effective marketing platform.

If you want to learn how to attract audiences and turn people into clients – you are in the right place! Tune in and level up your Instagram game.

What you will hear in this episode:

  • Sue’s background in Nutrition
  • How Wellness entrepreneurs should approach Instagram
  • Types of content and tactics that should be used to attract the audience
  • 4 components of a successful business profile on Instagram
  • The importance of CTA (call-to-action) & How to get more comments on your post
  • SEO guide: How to describe your business in Web searches
  • Challenges of selling different types of product on Instagram (IG)
  • Sue’s guide: YouTube Engagement Tips
  • Earning consumer trust: How you can turn a “Liker” into a “Lifer”
  • Tips & Tricks of getting an impactful and yet balanced content
  • Systematization: Planning, Organizing & Understanding your business
  • How to establish your Content Buckets
  • Going Live and expanding reach to your audiences
  • Tips on the Reels: How IG’s latest feature became #1 in algorithm
  • Recommended Apps that are complementary to Instagram
  • How to be more visible in your IG community/competition

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