Change your niche and find your true calling with Anna Rova {e160} 

Welcome to our last episode in 2017! We are wrapping up the year with an amazing interview with the founder of the Girlskill podcast, Anna Rova. I met Anna in October at a conference in Bangkok and I was really inspired by her story of taking a leap and becoming a digital nomad. If you are in the place where you are either still balancing between your corporate job and entrepreneurship, or you have already started your own business but realized it’s not really aligned with you and require changing your niche – you are going to love this episode! We talk about Anna’s first job in marketing industry and how with going through a tough breakup first motivated her to take a step into exploring men and their take on relationships with women. We talk honestly how letting events in your personal life affect your professional life don’t necessarily have to be negative, but push you to explore and find your passions. So while running this super successful podcast where she interviewed men, Anna found her femininity again and discovered her true calling – something completely different that meant completely changing niche.

I love how she said that some projects you are just meant to start, learn from, and finish and even though it may seam scary to leave something good behind to get over that fear and recognize when it’s time to walk away towards something new. Because taking the next step and tackle the challenges on a new project can be so fulfilling if you feel excited about it and if it just seams right. We also touch on topics such as how publishing on other media can help you grow your success, her daily routines, and discovering how childhood passions can make a significant influence in defining your true calling. Again, if you ever feel like you got stuck at your current business or maybe even outgrown it, even if it’s something that used to be a great fit but just doesn’t seam aligned with you anymore and you feel like you need a change, join this chat. I have also been recently interviewed by Anna for her podcast and it was such a deep, touching interview so if you’d like to learn more about me and my own journey and struggles with femininity, check out the show notes where it’s linked up.

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