Instagram for Wellness Business with Briena Sash {e152} 

This week we’re talking about how to use Instagram the right way to grow your health and wellness business. This episode was actually inspired by a thread in a Facebook group, where my today’s guest, wellness photographer Briena Sash, replied with amazing tips, techniques and strategies on how to use Instagram for wellness business. Many of our members found Briena’s insight super helpful, and I know all of our listeners would too. Running a successful Instagram account is definitely not just taking photos of what you’re eating and all places you are, because if you want to be effective you really need some strategy behind it. Briena shares how at the beginning even as a photographer, she herself approached Instagram the wrong way, and talks how she later shifted her strategy and branded her feed by following three pillars of Instagram success: inspire, educate and engage. She also shares what inspired her to do wellness photography and how we as entrepreneurs don’t have to be great photographers to run a good Instagram, but how we learn to choose good images that our audience will wind inspiring, whether with a little help of stock photography or with helpful filtering and planning apps to improve our images and account look, and add some uniqueness to it.

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