Amanda’s Health Coach Journey {e235} 

For today’s episode, the team behind Wellpreneur has prepared a little surprise for its listeners! Charlie Edge, the Head of Growth here at Wellpreneur interviews Amanda Cook, the well-known voice of Wellpreneur Podcast!

Among other things, Amanda is a mentor and motivator who helps newbies entrepreneurs to build their business while keeping it aligned with their inner self. So today we hear how Amanda’s journey began! Stay tuned as you will hear Amanda’s story of ambition, dedication, and inspiration. Moreover, you will find out how to successfully switch careers, where you can look for your first clients, and why it is important to let yourself be a beginner!

Furthermore, you will find out how to join Wellpreneur Community Group, a place filled with ambitious and dedicated people, fearless to chase their goals!

What you will hear in this episode:

  • What is different in today’s episode
  • A training that Amanda pursued to become a health coach
  • Amanda’s background
  • Amanda’s career switch
  • How Amanda entered the world of wellness
  • What made Amanda choose health coaching
  • How she got her clients
  • What would Amanda do differently?

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