Find More Time to Work on Your Wellness Business {e234} 

As Amanda promised earlier, she pays a great deal of attention to the Wellpreneur podcast’s listeners and their feedback! Therefore, today she addresses the subject that most of you asked for in Wellpreneur Community Group – TIME MANAGEMENT! Specifically, you will learn how to focus and make the most out of the time you have. How to be smart & strategic, how to set your expectations while avoiding burnout, why you should make a list of your tasks, and much more!

Furthermore, you will find out how to join Wellpreneur Community Group, a place filled with people who know how to get the best out of their time to build the businesses they want!

What you will hear in this episode:

  • What are we talking about this week?
  • How to find more time to work on your business
  • The 80/20 rule
  • Why it is essential to set expectations
  • How to avoid burnout
  • Why you should make a list of your tasks
  • Outsourcing and automatization

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