3 Strategies to Grow Your Audience {e236} 

This week on the Wellpreneur podcast we are joined once again by the Head of Growth at Wellpreneur, Charlie. This time, Charlie doesn’t have a guest. Instead, she will share some of her expertise with us on the subject that is so important to new wellness businesses when they are just starting out – AUDIENCE GROWTH. More specifically, you will learn how to maximize your online presence, how to create relatable and engaging content relevant for your target audience, where to find your audience, and how to position yourself as an expert! What you will hear in this episode:
  • How to grow your audience
  • Common questions people ask at the Wellpreneur community
  • How to choose the right strategy for your business
  • How to find an audience through others
  • Maximizing online presence
  • How to create and test your content
  • How to find your target market in the online world
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