Make Facebook Fun Again! {e141} 

Are you fed up with Facebook? Feeling like it’s full of advertisements and bragging, and just not fun like it used to be? I know I am. And I know I’m not alone! Earlier this week I posted my thoughts that Facebook just wasn’t fun anymore, and got a big response that many of you are feeling the same way. So, not to be one to complain without finding a solution, I’ve got some ideas for how we can make Facebook fun again. Let’s bring it back to the core purpose of the platform – which is connecting communities around the world. You’re interested in so much more than just health and online business – let’s shape our Facebook experience to reflect all of that. In this episode I’m sharing concrete tips to both cull the un-fun content and curate your new inspiring Facebook feed – as well as a big idea on how we don’t need to wait for other people to create the content we want to see – we can start to create it ourselves. Join me for this episode and then let’s continue the conversation in the wellpreneur community group. This is a big topic and we’re just getting started!

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