Behind the Scenes – The Journey To a Satisfying Online Business with Heather Rampolla {e46} 

Success stories of real Wellpreneurs who started out just like us are so helpful when we’re trying to get our own business off the ground. This week I have another behind-the-scenes look into a successful online business and how it has developed, and I think you’ll get a lot of ideas and inspiration from it!

Heather Rampolla started with a corporate career that she loved, but the fast pace was taking a toll on her health. It wasn’t until her husband suggested a raw foods diet for his own health that she reluctantly decided to give it a try, and she discovered huge improvements in her life. She learned so much about health during this period that she knew she had to share it with other people.

After starting her business there were a number of twists and turns, as she discovered some of her initial plans weren’t completely aligned with her passion and personal definition of success. She tells us about how she changed her niche, what she learned from coaches, and other challenges that eventually led to the successful, satisfying online business it is today.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to change your niche if you discover it’s not quite right
  • How to come to terms with scrapping plans for things you don’t actually enjoy
  • Tips for getting started – building your mailing list, finding a niche, getting the word out
  • How to use your personal definition of success to guide the direction of your business
  • Which key questions to ask yourself if you are procrastinating or holding yourself back

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