Your Community Needs Your Wellness Skills! {e222} 

In the midstof the global health crisis, Amanda, as a wellness practitioner, decided todedicate this episode to the pandemic of COVID-19. More specifically, sheshares key areas where wellpreneurs can help their communities in upcomingmonths. Tune in and learn Amanda’s rule of thumb when helping others, what todo if you are a fitness or yoga instructor, how to teach people to take care oftheir immune system and diet, how to handle isolation and stress, and manymore!

In addition, you will find out everything you need to know about currentAlchemy & Action spring enrollment and how you can apply for it!

Here’s what you will hear in thisepisode:

  • 0:32– Alchemy & Action spring enrollment
  • 1:23- COVID-19 and what can you do as a wellpreneur
  • 4:27- The importance of being ethical while helping others
  • 5:14- Boosting our immune systems
  • 06:13- What to do if you are a fitness instructor or a yoga teacher
  • 07:46– Cooking and healthy eating
  • 09:06- How to handle isolation and stress
  • 11:54– Amanda’s rule of thumb when helping others
  • 14:48– How you can help if you are working from home


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