Planning your Business for 2022 {e227} 

In today’s episode, Amanda shares her tips for making a yearly business plan that will help you prepare for 2022! From marketing solutions to revenue goals, Amanda’s systematic approach to planning will come in handy even for the people who are the most resistant to this component of running the business. Lend an ear to it and find out where you should start your planning process, what can you learn from last year’s data, how you can set achievable goals, and what steps you should take towards making those plans come true.

Furthermore, you will find out how to join Alchemy and Action community, a place filled with people who know how to turn a plan into reality.

Here’s what you will hear in this episode:

  • 01:01 – What are we going to talk about this week
  • 05:13 – Amanda’s process of planning
  • 08:53 – Close out the year energetically
  • 12:21 – Pick a theme for the year
  • 13:28 – Organic growth system
  • 15:48 – Specific revenue goal and how to reach it
  • 19:30 – How to improve your content so it is sellable
  • 22:49 – The importance of Facebook and Instagram as promotion platforms
  • 26:44 – Strategy of monthly and weekly planning
  • 31:25 – Summary of all the steps

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