7 ways to monetize your website {e49} 

Do you love to blog or create videos for your website, but aren’t sure how to start generating revenue?

It’s a common question amongst wellpreneurs who are so passionate about health + wellness, but not always sure how to turn it into a business.

This week, I’m answering a listener question from Olivia of EveryHomeRemedy.com.  She has a site where she shares home remedies, which she’s totally passionate about, but not sure how to take the next step.  I’ll share the 7 ways you can monetize your website no matter what niche you’re in.  Let us know in the comments which strategy has been the most effective for you!

Finally, if you’re considering B-School this year, don’t miss my B-School Bonus just for Wellpreneurs – would love to work with you!

Note: I am an affiliate for B-School this year because I’ve personally taken and believe in the program.  That means if you make a purchase through my B-School link, I may receive compensation, but it doesn’t change the price to you.  Thank you for supporting the WellpreneurOnline Podcast!

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