Heart Centered Selling with Catherine Watkin {s07e10} 

In this week’s episode, Amanda is joined with Catherine Watkin, a heart-centered selling expert who teaches business owners how to get more clients saying “Yes!” You will find out how you can approach sales in a different way that really feels good and aligned while growing your business. Particularly, you will learn what sales approach you should avoid, how to make sales call effective, whether you should show your prices in public or not, and ultimately what is Heart Centered Selling.

Besides, you will find out all the news about upcoming Alchemy & Action spring enrollment!

Here’s what you will hear in this episode:

  • 0:32 – All you need to know about Alchemy & Action spring enrolment
  • 2:38 – Summary of today’s episode
  • 3:36 – How you can share your insights with us on this week’s episode
  • 5:00 – How Catherine describes what she does
  • 6:18 – The sales approach that you should avoid
  • 9:45 – The importance of choosing your clients
  • 12:02 – How to make sales calls really effective
  • 19:20 – Showing your prices on the website. Good or bad idea?
  • 25:08 – Catherine’s take on social media
  • 28:23 – Why you should not use your job title as an introduction to the potential clients
  • 31:17 – What Catherine wishes everybody knew about sales (i.e. What is Heart Centered Selling)
  • 34:03 – How you can get in touch with Catherine

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