5 Common Mistakes Wellness Entrepreneurs Make 

When I was just starting my natural beauty business online, I never felt like I was doing enough.

Should I be on twitter or Facebook? Should I be running webinars or writing eBooks?  Should I raise my prices, or offer free taster sessions?

I always felt like there was one missing piece keeping me from building a successful online wellness business – and that I just had to keep looking until I found it!

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have felt so alone – and should have reached out to other wellpreneurs.  The vast majority of wellness entrepreneurs feel frustrated in the same areas.

It’s not about reinventing the wheel.  It’s about taking what works, and customizing it for your own unique business.

After working with hundreds of wellness entrepreneurs, I see the same themes come up over and over again. Here are the top 5 mistakes that most wellness entrepreneurs make.

Top 5 Mistakes that Wellness Entrepreneurs Make

1. Not being specific about WHO you work with and WHAT you offer

Yes, we all know we’re supposed to choose a target market … but have you really done it? Or do you still secretly feel like you’re cutting yourself off from clients by niching down (hint: you’re not.)

And on a similar note – what problems do you solve in your business?  Do you have clear, specific solutions to actual problems that your target clients have?

Being vague, fuzzy and non-committal in both of these areas keeps you from finishing your website, giving talks or webinars and enrolling clients.

2. Not Enough Time.

Surprisingly, I heard this both from people who still have a ‘day job’ as well as self-employed wellpreneurs.  It turns out, it’s not so much about how much time you have – but how you use it.  And Every. Single. Wellpreneur. I’ve spoken with had some version of the time crunch complaint.  Either you only have a couple of hours each week and want to make the most of it – or you have an entire work week and find yourself super busy with an endless business to-do list but few results.  Sound familiar?

3. Copying Other Wellpreneurs Instead of Being Yourself. 

How can you express your true self online, without feeling scammy, icky or like a copycat of your favorite online guru?  This is a huge issue for heart-centered, creative entrepreneurs, and a big cause for feeling stuck in blogging, newsletters and website copy – you just don’t know what your real ‘voice’ is and how to share it with the world!

4. Learning Tons of Strategies But Not Understanding How They Fit Together.

You told me that you’ve got tons of information and lists (and more lists!) of ideas to try in your business.  But you don’t understand how it all fits together.  How does blogging actually get you clients?  And do you really need to be on all of the social media platforms?  You’re craving a plan that fits YOUR unique business that shows you exactly what you need to do on a weekly and monthly basis to start getting traction and see results!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by online marketing, you need to understand my Organic Growth System which explains the big picture of how you really get clients online.

5. Feeling Like You Have To Figure It All Out On Your Own.

Online entrepreneurship can be a lonely world … if you let it.  Many of us rely on our friends, family, and spouses to provide feedback and a sounding board for our business.  The problem is that these people (although they love us and want us to be successful) probably 1) aren’t our target clients and 2) probably don’t have experience running an online business.  That’s why it’s so important to connect with other wellpreneurs – both at your current level, and people a few steps ahead who have done it already.  We can provide support, community, and feedback – from people who have been there and really get it!

Which of the top 5 mistakes resonated the most with you?  And what is one action you can do to make progress on it this week?  Let us know in the comments.

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