Turn One Blog Post Into 21 Shares 

This article is a guest post by Melanie Deardorff

Social media marketing eats up a lot of time. And a lot of content. It’s the five-headed beast that always needs feeding. (Just picture those gnarly heads as being Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.) When you’re using social media to market your wellness practice, you have to make the most of your time and the most of the content you create.

So to get more out of your content, re-purpose with a purpose. Take one piece of content and turn it into multiple shares, posts and tweets. Then instead of a picturing a five-headed, hungry beast, you can think about a happy little (prolific!) bunny.

Here’s how this can work: You write a blog post – say, on the benefits of a gluten-free diet – set it up on your blogging platform of choice, like WordPress. You find the perfect image, proof your post again and hit publish. Now you wait for readers to come by. Nope. Not quite. Take some time to re-purpose that post, multiply it across your social networks, and you’ll cast a much wider net to pull people to your content!

Here’s the math on how one piece of content can become 21:

On Pinterest …

  1. Pin the blog post’s image with a link back to your blog. I bet you have a healthy-eating board, so that’s a great place for it.
  2. Create a gluten-free board with an informative (not cutesy) title, so it’s easier for pinners to find – like Good and Gluten-free – and pin the post and image there, too.
  3. Does your Pinterest page include a board for your blog posts? If not, set one up, and this can be your first pin.
  4. Pin the same image to a group GF board that one of your health coach friends invited you to.

Bonus tip: Use an image-editing tool, like Canva or PicMonkey, to watermark or add the blog post name and your site’s URL to the lower part of the image. This keeps your branding intact and doesn’t require someone to read the Pinterest comment to find your blog info there.

Facebook …

  1. Share the blog post on your business page or your personal page, if you’re so inclined.
  2. In a private FB group? Post the blog link there.
  3. Hit up three wellness pro friends to share your FB post to their pages. Friend 1 shares.
  4. Friend 2 shares.
  5. Friend 3 shares.

If you think you are ready to invest in promoting your #WellnessBusiness, check out #wellpreneurs podcast about Facebook Ads with Claire Pelletreau!

Instagram …

  1. Add the post’s image to Instagram. After it’s posted, add your blog link to the comments section and add three or more hashtags appropriate for gluten-free fans – e.g., #glutenfree, #glutenfreelife and #glutenfreevegan – to help your image be seen by more people.
  2. Using Canva or PicMonkey, create an image to share that includes your blog post title and the URL. For good measure, add the blog link to the comments section and write a short note about the post.
  3. Ask one of your personal trainer or coach friends who’s on Instagram to repost your image on their page.

Bonus resource: Sue Zimmerman’s Instagram strategy for Wellness Business, will give you in debt info on how to both create and maintain your wellness biz profile + strategy!

LinkedIn …

  1. Are you on LinkedIn? I see more and more health coaches setting up profiles … and it’s something to consider, especially if your target market includes working professionals. (And I think you should be there anyway!) Create a LI status update with a link to your blog post.
  2. How about posting it on a LinkedIn group, too? There are hundreds of health and wellness-related groups, including dozens for personal trainers, massage therapists and health coaches. And groups for gluten-free fans, too. Add your blog post to a group, but find a way to generate a discussion from your post.

Twitter …

  1. Schedule three tweets throughout the week. Tweets are only noticeable for a short period of time, so it’s AOK to repeat them. But take the time to change up the wording a bit and make sure to schedule them troughout the different times of day to get the most visibility in all the time zones you want to target. Here’s Tweet 1 …
  2. Tweet 2 comes 2 days later.
  3. Tweet 3 comes 2-3 days after that.
  4. Tweet me @meldeardorff, and I could RT (retweet) you!
  5. Find another GF fan on Twitter and tweet an @mention with a link to your blog post.

Note: If you have a special promo or a launch going on – feel free to schedule up to 3 tweets a day, but make sure there’s other tweets in between so your profile wouldn’t look spammy. I have a pretty cool Holistic Twitter Plan for your Wellness Business published here at wellpreneur, so if you need tips on formulating your tweets and wording – it’s your go to resource 🙂

Email …

  1. Email your blog post to friends and family members, and ask them to pass it on to three friends.
  2. Share your post in an email to one of your targeted lists.

So there you have it — how one becomes 21. Think how helpful this could be if your goal is to post three times a day across your social networks. With 21 pieces of content, you’re covered for a week. We all know social media can be a distraction from the time we spend building our businesses. Let’s get the most from our time online, repurposing with a purpose and getting more bang for the buck bunnies!

Melanie Deardorff is a veteran marketer whose focus has been digital and social media marketing since 2009. Based in the U.S. Midwest but transitioning to more of a digital nomad (work from wherever) lifestyle, Melanie partners with companies of all sizes and industries, including nonprofits. A special passion of hers is helping small companies, including health and wellness-focused businesses, stand out and be authentic online.

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