Just Start . . . and Never Give Up! with Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness {e15} 

Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness is one of the most-requested interviewees so far. And lucky you – this week Sean shares an insider look at his successful wellness business. Sean Croxton is a blogger, vlogger, public speaker, author and he’s one of the most popular health and wellness experts on the Internet with his brand Underground Wellness.

Sean takes us back to the basics and tells us how he got his business started, why he started making videos on YouTube and all the challenges he faced as Underground Wellness grew into the huge success it is today.

Sean also tells us how he discovered the money mindset issues that were holding him back, and the decisions and events that led to his business really taking off.

In our interview, we talk about the importance of vulnerability and putting yourself out there, not waiting for the perfect moment to go forward, and never, ever quitting.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Sean realized he had a money mindset issue, and how he overcame it
  • Why Sean doesn’t care–and welcomes–unsubscribes and negative comments!
  • How Sean decides which products to offer his community
  • Advice for those who have taken plenty of courses but still haven’t started their business
  • Why you don’t need to know everything, or wait until you’re “ready” before starting your blog
  • Why you shouldn’t even think about your product or business until you’ve established your blog
  • Why Sean shut down his YouTube channel even after getting millions of views—and then came back
  • Why Sean believes the health industry is never saturated
  • The one book Sean recommends that everyone read

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