Revolution in Wellness Industry: Sustainable Sourcing with Sana Javeri Kadri {s05e02} 

Or better said evolution of the wellness industry. This week I’m talking with an inspiring entrepreneur who strongly believes in ethical and sustainable sourcing of the wellness ingredients we’re using today, especially turmeric. My guest is Sana Javeri Kadri, founder of Diaspora Co. Sana was a food photographer who grew up in India, but it was while she was spending time in the US that she noticed the turmeric trend taking off, and realized that it really wasn’t being responsibly sourced. In fact, most people had no idea where their turmeric was coming from and the farmers were really being exploited and certainly not compensated fairly for the products they were producing. There was also the matter of too many different varieties being on the market. So Sana took a big leap of fate and decided to start bringing some transparency into that supply chain which is about creating a supply of turmeric that is of an amazing quality, varieties that are traditional heirloom, but based on treating the people that are producing it well and compensating farmers fairly. We touch on so many topics, like how she got started with business and how she managed to launch it, what’s wrong with the spice trade today, and what can we do to shed more light to how it’s conducted and improve one of the most important basis of nutrition and wellness. And of course, you’ll hear some great turmeric tips today, so stay tuned. I know that this is a very thought provoking interview, as it made me think about how even if you don’t know much about the industry at first – you can think bigger, and if you feel passionate about it, just go after it. And I want you to know that there are many more talks to come that are also inspired by positive effects conscious entrepreneurs make in modern ever expanding wellness industry, which will perhaps help YOU realize how YOUR unique background can make you the perfect person for the business you are launching. I’m totally amazed by Sana’s story and I hope that her example of following curiosity which turned into a dream business inspires you to dive deeper into your interests and see where that takes you.

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