Shawn Stevenson of The Model Health Show {e135} 

This week I’m talking to Shawn Stevenson from The Model Health Show – the #1 Nutrition and Fitness podcast on iTunes with over 1 million downloads per month. I met Shawn in the Philippines earlier this year and hearing him speak about health and wellness at this event for entrepreneurs I felt really inspired, and I knew you would too so I just had to bring him to the show. Shawn is not only a keynote speaker and a best selling author, but he also has a background in biology and kinesiology, and what’s really amazing about him is that he’s able to really translate his scientific approach to very understandable action steps when talking about complex health topics. And this makes it super easy for his audience to relate to him and engage. Today Shawn and I talk about how he created his awesome podcast and his platform. We talk about online marketing, like how he does his promotion and social media and he shares some amazing tips that really helped him move up from a newbie podcaster to a massive player in online health and wellness industry. We also touch topics on sleep, jet leg and so much more!

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