Turning Low Tox Living into a Thriving Business with Alexx Stuart {e229} 

In today’s episode, Amanda reminds us of her conversation with Alexx Stuart, a friendly chat about life coaching, cooking, and having an online business! Alexx is an energetic, optimistic activist and a successful entrepreneur, specifically a founder of Low Tox Life. Lend an ear to it and find out how to create your first e-course, how to distinguish yourself online, and how to listen to your audience in order to grow your business! Learn the facts that will inspire and help you make your small first steps towards YOUR BIG DREAMS!

Furthermore, you will find out how to join the Alchemy and Action community, a place filled with energetic activists who are at the beginning of their beautiful entrepreneurial story.

What you will hear in this episode:

  • How today’s episode will help you think outside the box
  • Background of today’s guest, Alexx Stuart
  • What inspired Alexx to become an activist 
  • How to stay genuine 
  • How to start creating an online course
  • How to set your priorities 
  • The importance of listening to your audience
  • How to determine the cost of your course
  • Tech side of the successful online course business
  • Why Facebook is important 
  • Where to find Alexx 

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