8 Health Coaches Offer Advice They Wish They Had Before Starting Their Careers 

Anyone who starts their own business venture is bound to make mistakes along the way. The successful entrepreneurs out there view those mistakes as learning opportunities, rather than stumbling blocks.

But what if you could avoid those mistakes to begin with? While you may be new to health coaching, there are countless others who have traveled your same path, who understand your struggles, and who can offer invaluable advice to help you avoid the same mishaps they encountered throughout their career.

Learn more about the advice some of the most successful health coaches out there wish they had before staring their own careers, so that you can learn from their mistakes.

If you’re still wonderingif you should become a health coach, this article is for you.

Technology can help, but don’t forget that health coaching is about the people

Today’s health coaches have access to an amazing amount of technology, designed to help them reach their clients and grow their business. And don’t just think about the obvious tech tools. Think outside the box.

“Creating your own tools and website are fine, but if you can purchase some prepaid tools, you can jump right into promoting your services and finding clients.” – Joyce Biese, Interactive Nutrition Group

Others agree with Joyce. A lot of time and effort goes into the work outside of actual coaching, so finding the right tools (or even sub-contractors) to lighten your load will free you up to do more of what you love: coaching others.

“I wish I was told how hard it would be to get consistent clients, and how much marketing, sales, and copyrighting you’d need to learn.” – Claudia Petrilli, Claudia Petrilli Health Coaching

But with all this technology at your fingertips, it’s easy to get caught up behind monitors and mobile devices.

“Clients won’t come to you if you hide behind your computer making your blogs look nice. You need to be actively in front of people, whether by doing workshops, getting alliances with other professionals with a common interest or being really sharp with internet marketing. People buy people. There are plenty of others offering solutions to the problems we as health coaches solve, which is why you need to make sure that you are visible.” – Ania Nowicki, Vitality & Food

It’s never too early for a health coach to focus on his/her niche

Another piece of advice health coaches wish they knew early on in their careers is to focus on their niche, not only to stand out among competitors, but to ensure that you work with the type of clients who’ll keep you motivated and engaged.

“I wish I had known how to better define my market and find my niche.” – Maureen Carlomagno, Your Wellness Coach

“You know enough to be credible and add value; focus on identifying the specific segments you want to work with; and make sure that you DO actually want to work with those people! The right segment from a business perspective may be the wrong segment from a personal enrichment perspective.” – Lawrence Mitchell, Raw Energy

An added benefit of focusing on a niche early on is really being able to target and refine your message for the greatest impact.

“As a part of your marketing you need to really find your ideal clients’ pain points and how they will feel after working with you.” – Karen Grosz, Inner Savvy Wellness

But not everyone believes picking your niche early on is the best advice. Other successful health coaches believe that it’s more important to build your foundation before you start turning your attention toward specific segments of the population.

“I wish I had learned not to panic about niche, target market or getting clients online at the start. Instead, hone your skills and do as many coaching sessions as you can to build up your experience – ask people you know to help (and once they know what you do they will tell other people what you do).” – Elizabeth Plant, Springtime Holistics

If it all seems too overwhelming, you can reach out for support

Whether it be learning new technologies, mastering the art of marketing, or sticking to your guns even when the road gets bumpy, one thing nearly all of the health coaches we’ve interviewed agree on is that in order to find success, you can’t expect to go it alone.

“Just because you know the technical side of nutrition, doesn’t mean that’s going to win you any clients. It’s hard, you have to get out there and work your tail end off. It pays, but no it’s not easy. I love what I do and that’s what keeps me going. Hiring a good business coach is what got me headed down the right path.” – Kristy Breen, The Wellness and Cravings Coach

What advice do you wish you had as you embarked on your health-coaching career?

Few, if any, health coaches find success in their careers without struggling along the way. As you look back on your own journey, what advice do you wish you had known from the start? Share it now and help us give future health coaches the resources they need to pursue their dream careers.

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