Clutter & Enoughness with Bre-An Appler {s07e07} 

“Our environments really need to be unique in order to support us because we are all unique.“ Bre-An Appler

In the very first episode of the Wellpreneur podcast in 2020, Amanda interviews Bre-An Appler, an environmental healer and a Feng Shui practitioner. Tune in and find out how you can use space clearing to shift the energy levels in your home, how clutter is related to comfort and enoughness, how our ancestors have influenced our spaciousness, how you can modify your workspace to support you in what you do, and most importantly why you have to look inside yourself first before you declutter.

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Here’s what you will hear in this episode:

  • 0:32 – Happy New Year and the episode brief
  • 0:58 – Amanda’s New Year resolution
  • 3:21 –  Everything you need to know about free Productivity Blocks Quiz
  • 4:58 – How Bre-An describes what she does
  • 8:56 – Bre-An’s take on clutter and
  • 11:35 – How is related to comfort and enoughness
  • 13:30 – Why is important to locate the clutter in your home
  • 15:34 – Space clearing and how Bre-An use it to shift the energy levels in the home
  • 21:06 – How our ancestors have influenced our clutter
  • 25:11 – Why you have to look inside yourself first before you declutter
  • 26:25 – How a workspace can be modified to support us in what we are creating
  • 30:32 – What everybody should know about Feng Shui
  • 32:27 – Why our environment should be authentic
  • 33:19 – How you can get in touch with our guest
  • 33:53 – Let’s keep the discussion in our Facebook group

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