Start Your Wellness Business Faster with Health Coach Liz Brazier {e08} 

Liz Brazier is a former IT-sales executive turned health coach, who started her health coaching business and Live Your Life Now podcast in 2013. Liz splits her time between New York and New Zealand, and is a brilliant example of how you can make a big impact with your business – even if you’re just getting started! Liz and I talk in specifics about how she got started building her list, why she launched a podcast, simplifying social media and sharing tools, books, training and other resources that have been invaluable on her journey. If you’re just starting out in your health + wellness business, have a notebook ready, because you’ll have tons of ideas and action steps after hearing my conversation with Liz! About Liz Brazier: Liz Brazier is an internationally-based lifestyle coach, writer, life/work integration expert, and host of the Live Your Life Now™ podcast. She’s dedicated her work and show (ranked in the top 10 self-help podcasts on iTunes in late 2013) to helping high-level professionals find more freedom, flexibility, fun, and control in their busy lives. How? By giving them the inspiration and tools to take action NOW – instead of waiting for ‘someday’.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to decide where to focus, when you’re starting your business
  • Choosing your content based on your strengths
  • How to get started building your list
  • Why Google+ is Liz’s favorite social network
  • Why Just in Time learning is super important for small business owners
  • Our favorite books, podcasts + productivity tools!

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