Use Twitter to Grow Your Coaching Practice with Melanie Cobb {e10} 

Melanie Cobb is a writer, life transformation coach and a professional wild-woman. In less than 10 months since launching her coaching business, Melanie has 10 paying clients and over 7,000 twitter followers. Melanie shares her journey to converting her personal blog into her coaching business, and how she’s created an engaged community through social media. This is a grounded, down-to-earth conversation about the practical steps you can take to grow your own coaching business online. Melanie shares how to be authentic online (instead of sales & pushy), overcoming fears around pricing and charging for you work, and how to get your first clients. She also shares how she’s gotten over 7k twitter followers through specific strategies like her popular “Today’s Chosen Mood” tweets. What you’ll learn in this episode:
  • how to get your first coaching clients
  • how Melanie got over 7,000 twitter followers in one year
  • specific strategies to grow your twitter following
  • how to be authentic online (not salesy or pushy)
  • why clients who pay more get better results
  • and why you shouldn’t decide if you clients can afford you.

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