The Evolution of Business: A Conversation with Cate Stillman and Racheal Cook {s07e04} 

This week Amanda is once again joined by Cate Stillman of Yoga Healer and Racheal Cook of Promote Yourself to CEO. Two and half years ago this group of women did a series of episodes about wellness careers and they decided to re-gather and record a conversation they had at ShePodcasts Live in Atlanta in October 2019. Stay tuned and find out what happened in Rachel’s wellness and professional past in the last years, how Amanda has pivoted her brand, how to balance between audience and yourself, how to build successful online marketing and when you don’t need it, how these women deal with social media, and more!

Here’s what you will hear in this episode:

  • All you need to know about Greenleaf Book’s exclusive service for wellness entrepreneurs
  • What happened in Rachael’s wellness and professional past in the last few years
  • What Wellpreneur was back in the days and what it means nowadays
  • The analogy between rebranding and raising children
  • A balance between satisfying your audience and yourself
  • How to build successful online marketing and
  • In which cases you don’t need it  
  • How Racheal, Cate, and Amanda deal with social media
  • Allowing our intuition and trust to lead us into actions that we never have done before

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