Returning to Ancestral Homelands with Toni Newton-Acquah {s06e06} 

In this week’s episode, Amanda hosts Toni Newton-Acquah, founder of Flowers & Moondust, an African wellness company that raises the profile of African wellness ingredients such as Baobab, Moringa, Shea and Cocoa. Toni is also the daughter of Ghanian immigrants to the USA who returned to her ancestral homeland to start her business in 2017.  

Toni and Amanda discuss the pull of reconnecting with our ancestors and returning to our ancestral homes, the value and wisdom in rediscovering the medicine of our people, how to learn traditional medicine from other cultures, and the right way to approach it, as well as how much wellness industry can be diversified around the globe.

Here’s what you’ll hear in this episode:

  • 0:32 – Introducing Toni Newton-Acquah and what can you expect from this episode
  • 2:59 – The best way to stay updated about the new podcast releases
  • 4:23 – How Tony’s business looks like
  • 6:57 – Tony’s background and how she ended up in Ghana
  • 12:46 – How Tony understand trauma and how it transfers from parents to children
  • 16:11 – How our guest has dealt with her traumas
  • 18:14 – How it felt for Toni when she visited Ghana for the first time
  • 20:14 – Tony’s research of her ancestors and how it helps her personal grow
  • 25:57 – The right way for non-African people to experience Tony’s products and overall African tradition and culture
  • 27:26 – Why is important for Tony to develop her business in Ghana and not from the USA
  • 28:37 – Wellness industry in Ghana
  • 32:50 – How to keep  an interest in traditional wellness alive
  • 37:18 – How you can order Tony’s products if interested (hint, they can be shipped worldwide!)
  • 37:58 – Feel free to send any comments to Amanda regarding this episode

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